Card , MSM and Backplane contention.

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I am trying to find out the contention rates between various modules in a BD8800
ie the difference between an 8 port 10 G card and a 24 port 10 Gig card ( 8900-10G24X-c ) and what dependencies on the specifics MSM's

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Hi Rod,

You can find most of this information in the BlackDiamond 8800 datasheet, in Figure 2: Connectivity Options by I/O Module and Figure 4: MSM Module Options.

Essentially, with two 8900-MSM128's, you can get up to 128 Gbps throughput on an 8810 chassis, and up to 80 Gbps on an 8806 chassis for both of these cards (8900-10G24X-c and 8900-10G8X-xl). The primary difference is that the XL module has larger table sizes, and will not be oversubscribed. The 8900-10G24X-c will be oversubscribed by a factor of 1.875 with two 8900-MSM128's in an 8806 chassis, and oversubscribed by a factor of 3 in an 8810 chassis.

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Brandon doesn't the switch backplane down grade to lowest card type in the 8900 line... so an xl card will take on the -c card tables??
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EtherMAN that sound logical ...