CEP Command gone ?

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I have two x440 that I want to test something around CEP with.

I'm running the latest 15.7 code and I was about to configure the CEP part of the vman

This Is what I get ?

System MAC: 00:04:96:83:83:DASystem
Type: X440-24t

configure vman33 add ports 1 ? Execute the command
private-vlan private-vlan mode
stpd STP domain
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STP domain name

And according to

I have CEP on that platform.

Is the command remove or do I configure it in some other way ?

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Should be there... what version of code exactly are you running? Just checked with 15.3 and a beta version and all there...

BillHomeX460.3 # conf vman test add port 5 ? Execute the command
cep VMAN Customer Edge Port (IEEE 802.1ad)
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The usual trap 🙂

conf vman add port

is different than

conf add port

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Wow... never though if it but it is a differance... 🙂 Thanks