Chalet equivalent

I have an x450a24t running the latest firmware, thus comes with the screenplay Web interface. Is there anyway to upgrade the firmware to get the chalet Web interface or is there another alternative that can give gui/web management in this way? Many thanks, Peter

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Hi Peter,

Not that you are not aware of, the chalet is available only from the EXOS 15.7 version an the EXOS before have screenplay as standard.

I don't think there is an alternate available to the default GUI supported by that particular version of EXOS.
Are there any third party options?
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Hi Peter,

I don't think there is any third party option available for this. The GUI access is quite standard as to what is available.
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As Muthuraman mentioned, Chalet is only available starting with EXOS 15.7. Since the X450a can't be upgraded beyond 15.3.x, there is no other GUI option for the switch.
If you want to use Chalet, you can see it in the EXOS VM, available on our GitHub page.