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Changing bandwidth for AVB

Dear Experts,
I have a Summit X440-24t AVB switch. I would like to know if there is a command, which could be used to change the bandwidth allocated to best effort traffic, so that it can be used by AVB.
Is the standard setting 75% for AVB and 25% fro best effort?

Thank you,

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Hello Jakub.
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Yes, you are correct. AVB is using MSRP(Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol).This technology ensures audio and video can leverage a predefined amount of the bandwidth for AVB audio. This amount is 75% of the maximum data rate; the other 25% of bandwidth can be used for other data. (Note: These percentage allocations can be adjusted as required across all Extreme Networks AVB-enabled switches.)

If you used Summit x440-24, sorry you cannot configure the bandwidth.

If you had G2 product, such as, x460-G2, you could change the bandwidth by using "configure msrp ports traffic-class delta-bandwidth"

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