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Changing VC Type on VPLS

How can be changed VC Type from VC Type: Ethernet (0x0005) to VLAN (0x0004) for one VPLS connection? What feature is the same as Cisco "pseudowire-class"?

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Hello Sergey,

VC type negotiated automatically and VC type 5 is preferred.
This is mean that VC type 5 (Ethernet Raw Mode) will be set always if peer switch support it.
In our case we have peer with support only vc type 4 for this vpls connection and Extreme X670 don't use this type. In dump we see only VC Type 5 and it not changing in . Does this is a bug?
How can i manually set VC type?
Does anybody know how manually do set VC Type in VPLS? Automatically it do not setting and always using VC Type 5 but we need VC Type 4.

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Hi Sergey, sorry for the delay.

It's not a bug.

Currently there is no support for VC Type 4 in EXOS.