CIFS SMB network configuration

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CIFS ( common internet file system ) file transfer system /SMB
Trying to understand how this protocol works .

I have a few servers which use CIFS , when on the same network , through a few switches ,|X670 etc. when connected locally on the same switch , same vlan when monitoring the port we can see no "packet drops" sh port X congestion on the client port
When I go to another switch on the same L2 network , looking at the new port for the client I see a number of packet drops .

When we now introduce a core switch , where we are now routing , and then a stack of 8 X450e units , when the client is now attached on a seperate network , in one of the stack ports , teh dropped ports are racing towards 70,000 plus ..

We do have some old X650 units in the way ... though I would not expect this sort if hike , in teh packet dropped ..

Hence my request to understand this protocol , or how to configure the swicthes to support CIFS.

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