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Command to change the switch port speed from Auto to 100mbps

  • 22 February 2017
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I have being using the summit X440-48P as edge switch. There are 3 different models of IP telephones which is connected directly to this switch are able to get the IP and are registered to its PBX in which PBX is located in the cloud. Only one model of IP telephone Cisco 8861 is able to make calls outside but when dialing internally with its other extensions the voice is not audible.
But when these phones are connected to a Cisco catalyst switch the same phones are working fine. The problems happens only when connecting to extreme switch.
Is there any extra commands need for enabling voice, specially for these kind of IP telephone.
I was planning to change the port speed from 1000mbps which is default to 100mbps. Can anyone send the command for changing the switch port speed and please mention if any body had this type of problem occurred and solution done for solving it.

3 replies

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The command is "configure port auto off speed 100 duplex full".
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Dear Sumeesh
Thank you very much.
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You can also refer the below article for the same:


Especially if any X650 switch used in the future then you need to strictly look into the below points:

"config port auto off speed 100 duplex full"
Error: Speed specified is not supported on port .
  • 100 Mbps speed is not supported in the X650-24x.
  • Dual speed ports are supported in the X650-24x.
  • The speeds supported in this switch are 1G and 10G.