Compatibility between EAPS and G.8032 ERPS

hi Experts,

Can EAPS interoperable with G.8032 ERPS?

From P.68, it mentions:

• Basic interoperability with EAPS with G.8032 acting as an access ring. Flush notifications will be sent Link monitoring using CFM or native local link monitoring methods.

it shows that it is interoperable, just wanna know more detail on that.

if a network running EAPS and there is some old device with G.8032, just wanna know if that old gear can interoperable with the EAPS. thx.


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Hello Ken

the two can interoperate if one is a sub-ring of the other. They will send will send flush notifications. You cannot create one ring with some nodes using EAPS and others using ERPS/G.8032.

Does that help?

Hi P,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

as i just planning for a migration from EAPS to ERPS as below, the new core supports ERPS only.

step 1: connect the new core as ERPs to the existing EAPS core:

Step 2: migrate TOR with 1 uplink to new core (erps) and 1 uplink still connecting to existing core. (eaps)

is it possible? Or i need to configure the ERPS on the existing TOR and Core too? thx.

Actually, i just wanna achieve a migration without down time. thx.

hi P,

i think it is feasible if ERPs can be a sub-ring of EAPs as below:

Step 1: Remove 1 uplink from TOR

Step 2: Disable EAPs on TOR (as no longer a loop at that moment

Step 3:

I think it is doable. Pls comment. thx.
The new core is X8 but we wanna replace EAPs with ERPs through this exercise. thx.

Hi Paul,

do u have comment on that? thx.

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If its a datacenter that too with BDx8.
why cant we migrate to MLAG.
Reliable for datacenter. --Latest patch is the most stable for MLag.
We can have active/active for VRRP .

I am not saying EAPS or ERPS is bad but MLAG in datacenter is really the best
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Hello Ken. Apologize for the delay I have been traveling. I believe your design will work. I also think that MA as mentioned by Parthiban would be a bettwe design. It provides redundancy like EAPS without the blocking P