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computers lose connectivity after 15 minutes

Hello, 2 computers on same subnet can see each each other or can ping but after 10 to 15 minutes they lose the ping and no connectivity is seen between them.. there is no configuration on switch all ports are in default vlan. it is happening with 4 switches right now.
switch is X440 G2
XOS is 21.1.1.x

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static ip-s or DHCP?
static IP and there is no conflict between them.
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Please check the "show configuration vlan" after the issue occurs and see if flooding is disabled.

Then you are hitting the issue mentioned in the below article, this issue is fixed from patch 1-5


Please note that the current recommended version for X440-G2 is EXOS

hello can 16.2.x work ?
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I do not think 16.x is an option for X440-G2's the minimum required software version is 21.1.1
Hello, okay no issues i have upgraded the switch to and its working fine now.
thanks for the support..
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Good to see that the issue is resolved. Thanks for the update.