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Config saves after 'reboot', *not* after power loss

We have a switch (Summit X440-24t) whose config appears to revert back to factory default whenever it experiences an abrupt power loss.

After a power loss, logging in with 'admin' user prompts the user with the canned preset messages (disable telnet? / SNMP? / etc). You can manually reapply any previous config settings, and it will actually persist through any number of 'reboot' commands (prompting you to save to primary.cfg after any change) issued from the command line. But, if it ever loses power, it will again revert back to factory default.

We then tried upgraded to a new firmware version ( from our existing older version (15.1.0b20). The 'secondary' image partition becomes active, and will continue to use that partition after any number of 'reboot' commands. But like the config, it will revert back to the 'primary' partition with the old version in the event of a power loss.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I had the same issues with X480 (after reboot with command all fine, after reboot with reject power cable - config dumped to default).
And it was RMA cases - as interrupted NVRAM.

So you have to open a case in GTAC (especially because X440 have limited lifetime warranty).

Thank you!
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Before opening up a GTAC case, I'd suggest reloading the EXOS image from bootrom.

This will completely reformat the NVRAM on the swtich, so it will rule out an issue with corrupted partitions. The instructions for this can be found at the following GTAC Knowledge article:


Note that because the NVRAM is reformatted during this process, you will lose any config on the switch.

If it still does the same thing after this process, open up a case with GTAC so we can take a closer look into this.
Thanks guys! I'll give that a try...
Yes, same issue after reloading the image from bootrom. I'll open a case.

Thanks again!