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configuration changes alert

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Is it possible in extreme switch using ridgeline every time we change the configuration it will send an alert or through email?thanks

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You can match the pattern based on logs And forward them to ridge line to send email.
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By default, the devices sent traps to Ridgeline and Ridgeline will not request from devices. We have some predefined event changes configured in Ridgeline under "Alarm and Event Definition". In some scenarios, we can create a user profile and match the switch log event to generate a alarm mail in Ridgeline. However, we need to test it and confirm if it is possible or not.

Could you please let me know what type of configuration changes notification email to be send?
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Hi Ram,


example are we add or delete some ports to a vlan or once we disable manually the ports. this will trigger an alarm in ridgeline and generate a alarm mail.
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I did a quick test in lab by configuring the command "enable cli-config-logging" in switch. It enables the logging of CLI configuration commands to the Syslog for auditing purposes.

I did a packet capture in Ridgeline server to confirm the syslog messages are received for creating/deleting the vlan. Then, I have configured "New Alarm definition" matching the log pattern "*Info:cli.logLocalCmd*" and "cli:" and "local0" (used from packet capture) and it is not working by using this pattern. There are few pre-defined events which are available in Ridgeline and it will work based on trigger to generate the alarm mail. However, for the above query we need more testing need to be done. To proceed further, please open a case with GTAC.