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Configuration for adding Summit switches to Management Center?

  • 29 July 2019
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We have a bunch of C5s with the configuration pasted below, and they all work with EMC for what we need. We're trying to add some Summit 450s (configuration also pasted below), and they aren't workin: when adding the switches to EMC they immediately just send a notification for Contact Lost. What are we missing here?

C5 Config:
set snmp access netmgmt security-model usm privacy read All write All notify All

set snmp user netsight privacy XXX authentication md5 XXX

set snmp group netmgmt user netsight security-model usm

set snmp targetaddr NetSightConsole 10.x.x.x param NetSightConsoleParams taglist InformTag

set snmp targetparams NetSightConsoleParams user netsight security-model usm message-processing v3 privacy

set snmp notify InformTag tag InformTag inform

Summit Config:
enable snmp access snmpv3

configure snmpv3 add user netsight authentication md5 XXX privacy des XXX

configure snmpv3 add group "netmgmt" user "netsight" sec-model usm

configure snmpv3 add access "netmgmt" sec-model usm sec-level priv read-view "defaultAdminView" write-view "defaultAdminView" notify-view "defaultAdminView"

configure snmpv3 add notify "TVTrapTag" tag "TVTrapTag" type trap

configure snmpv3 add target-params "v3adminParam" user "v3admin" mp-model snmpv3 sec-model usm sec-level priv

configure snmpv3 add target-addr "NetsightConsole" param "v3adminParam" ipaddress 10.x.x.x transport-port 162 tag-list "TVTrapTag"

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