configure active backup on X620

  • 9 September 2019
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I have Two X620 Switches and want to configure high availability between them.

X620 will be placed as a distribution switch and several X440 (Edge switches) will have connection to the X620-01 and X620-02 in case one is down the other distribution switch will take over.

i want to know how to configure the switches.

Please advice.

1 reply

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You probably should use MLAG. You configure the X620s as MLAG peers and let them act as a single unit in regards to the LACP LAG they present to the access switch (X440). This is the preferred method for large customers in the core and distribution layer unless they use more advanced techniques like MPLS or eVPN.

You'll find examples in the EXOS user's guide. Consider using a LAG as the ISC connection between the X620s and/or an "alternate ISC" that enables signalling if the ISC fails. You don't want a single link between the MLAG peers (X620s) since if that link fails, they will start forwarding frames in an uncontrolled fashion causing wire speed loops.

Good luck!