Configure meter on a single port

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Create Date: Nov 19 2013 9:35PM

I want to control maximum bandwidth to 100 MB on a single port. here is what I have tried:
create meter HundredMbps_ingress
configure meter HundredMbps_ingress committed-rate 100 Mbps out-action drop
edit policy HundredMbLimit

### (HundredMbLimit.pol)
entry limit100Mb {
if match any {
} then {
permit;meter HundredMbps_ingress;
configure access-list HundredMbLimit port 32 ingressThe bandwidth is not limited.
Anyone see any errors here? Wondering if I SHould I be using QoS instead? Stuck
Thanks for you time (from David_Kordyban)

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Create Date: Nov 21 2013 7:41PM


try with this one

if {
vlan-id 12;
} then {

meter MyMeter;


Jarek (from Jaroslaw_Kasjaniuk)