Configure Port Redundant on Summit Stacked Switches

Hi Experts,

Can we configure Port Redundant on Summit Stacked Switches, like below:

Where the Primary Port and Redundant Port are located on 2 Members (A and B respectively) of a SummitStack Switches. Thx.


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Hi Ken

Yes, that certainly can be done. For example, on one of the SummitStacks I admin, this config has been in place for a couple of years:

# show ports redundant Primary: *1:13, Redundant: 2:13, Link on/off option: OFF Primary: *2:14, Redundant: 1:14, Link on/off option: OFF Primary: *3:22, Redundant: *1:22, Link on/off option: ON Flags: (*)Active, (!) Disabled, (g) Load Share Group [/code]This was achieved by entering the following config:

configure port 1:13 redundant 2:13 link off
configure port 2:14 redundant 1:14 link off
configure port 3:22 redundant 1:22 link on[/code]I hope that helps.

Thanks Warwick.
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yes this must be possible.
Its not docucmented in concepts guide in limitations.
Guidelines for Software-Controlled Redundant Ports and Port GroupsSoftware-controlled redundant ports and port groups have the following guidelines and limitations:
• You cannot have any Layer 2 protocols configured on any of the VLANs that are present on the
ports. (You will see an error message if you attempt to configure software redundant ports on ports
with VLANs running Layer 2 protocols.)
• The primary and redundant ports must have identical VLAN membership.
• The master port is the only port of a load-sharing group that can be configured as either a primary
or redundant port. Also, all ports on the load-sharing group must fail before the software-controlled
redundancy is triggered.
• You must disable the software redundancy on the master port before enabling or disabling load
• You can configure only one redundant port for each primary port.
• Recovery may be limited by FDB aging
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Hey Ken. Where are these ports going? If they are going to a redundant core than MLAG will work nicely allowing these ports to be in a LAG. Just throwing it out there. P
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The following article will help you to validate redundant port

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