configure stacking redundancy

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Hi, all!

How to see stacking redundancy configuration?
What "show" command can show this?

Thank you!

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Hi Alexander,

you can use the "show stacking stack-ports"
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Ring = fully resiliant, daisy chain is not resiliant

Slot-3 Stack.22 # show stacking Stack Topology is a Ring

Active Topology is a Ring

Node MAC Address Slot Stack State Role Flags

------------------ ---- ----------- ------- ---

*00:04:96:27:c1:12 3 Active Master CA-

00:04:96:27:b0:13 1 Active Standby CA-

00:04:96:27:bb:14 2 Active Backup CA-
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configure stacking redundancy - can be "none", "minimal" and "maximal".
That's not stacking ports, it's about master-capability of nodes in stack.

1."show stacking stack-ports" - don't show this configuration.
2. stacking redundancy and stacking topology - it's different items.
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Hi, all!

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sh stacking detail | i "Master capable"

If all nodes Master capable - was configured maximum stacking redundancy
If 2 nodes - minimum
If 1 node - none