Configure stpd for inter switch links


I need to setup a basic stp domain using an X670 (EXOS 15.2) to enable fast failover between the primary link - a 10G fibre connection, and a secondary link - a 100M wireless link. Obviously the preferred service is the 10G fibre.

Both links will carry a number of tagged vlans. But I'm not sure I need to configure vlan specific stp config. I also believe that I can enable a separate spanning the instance just to control the links. Does that make sense?

So on the X670 is it something like this:

create stpd s10
configure stpd s10 ports link-type point-to-point 3,4

Things I'm not sure about:

How do I ensure that the faster link is always selected?
What controls the failover timing, in both directions?

Do I need to do specific config to account for the VLANs tagged on these ports? That is, is it not sufficient to just configure the setup on a port basis, irrespective of the VLAN configuration of those ports?

The other end of the link is not Extreme but Comware 5.20 based HP (h3c) so I don't expect this forum to be familiar with that but if so I'd appreciate pointers on its config too.

Thank you.


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One spanning tree instance is enough. The quicker link is selected automaticaly by STP.
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Configure all necessary vlans on both links = the primary and the backup. Check the performance of the 100M wireless link = if you loose the BPDU because of packet lost, the link can flap = unstable...
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If the failover is based on the physical link down of the primary link, you could consider software controlled redundant port configuration.
In this, the primary port will always forward traffic when it is active and the secondary link will be used only in case of the primary port failure.

Please refer this article:

How to configure software-controlled redundant ports

Hope this helps!