Configuring RSTP connecting to Ruggedcom switches

Hi everyone,

New to extreme switches coming from the Cisco side....

I'm trying to configure RSTP between my extreme switches and Ruggedcom RS900 switches. However, when I try to enable my stpd domain, I get the following error:

Error: Incorrect carrier vlan configuration of port in stp domain

I looked up an error and it looks like I need to add an untagged VLAN to the port. Should I just add the default vlan as untagged or I'm doing something wrong here that is not even close to RSTP?

I've been able to enable the stpd domain if I only have 1 untagged VLAN configured on the port. If I used tagged VLAN, it will pop up with that error.

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Hi Ivan,

Most non-EXOS switches (and I assume the Ruggedcom switches behave this way as well) will send BPDUs untagged regardless of the vlan tagging on a port. In EXOS, there must be a carrier vlan defined for an STP domain, and the the tagged-ness of this VLAN determines how the BPDUs will be sent (IE, if the vlan is tagged on a port, the BPDUs will be sent out tagged for this vlan).

Because of this, if you need to interoperate with a switch that always sends its BPDUs untagged, there will need to be an untagged VLAN on the ports in the STP domain. You can either have an untagged native vlan on both sides of the links, or simply add an untagged vlan on the EXOS switch purely to handle the BPDUs.

Let me know if anything wasn't clear, it can be a bit confusing.