Congested Ports/dropping Packets and QOS

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Create Date: Oct 8 2013 8:49PM

I'm experiencing port congestion and hence packets dropped on certain ports. This is an issue since the ports are VOIP ports.
My questions are as follows.
1) When I run Show ports congestion I see packets dropped on certain ports.
2) When I run Show ports QOSmonitor congestion I see no packets dropped.

I was under the impression that all traffic that was not marked would fall into the QP1 queue and other marked traffic would fall into the respective queues
If i'm dropping packets and can see this using the show ports congestion command, should i also not be able to see this in the qosmonitor congestion command? I'm trying to figure out what queue the traffic being dropped is in.

Many thanks for your time,
(from bluehades)

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Create Date: Oct 11 2013 4:29PM

I'm experiencing similar issues. In our enviorment, I'm seeing ALOT of dropped packets to my VMs.

Ive read that you need to enable flow control tx and rx on all interfaces, which I have not done yet and will do this weekend.

Ill let you know how it pans out for me! (from Jeremy_Homan)
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I have talked to quite a few individuals that have the same issue. Has anyone found a resolution?
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I have similar situation with a gig ETH link that doesn't seem to go over 65% but see drops consistently. No layer 2 errors seen too.
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is the ethernet port connecting to server.
flow control might be the problem.

You can enable flow control or contact TAC
so that they could check if pause frames are received due to which traffic is congested.

You can try to increase Ports shared buffer .
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I increased the shared buffer port about year ago, but didn't help. Haven't tried the flow control part. Thanks