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Connecting two stacks together and having vlan's cross stack

  • 7 January 2014
  • 2 replies

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Create Date: Jan 31 2013 7:19PM

I have a stack of x460-48t switches that i am connecting to a stack of two x670 switches. I have tagged the vlans on each sides uplink port. The have created the vlans on the x670 stack with the same name and ID The x460-48t stack is doing the routing. How do I get the vlan to traverse the uplink port to the other stack? Do I need to enable ipforwarding on each vlan on the x670 stack?


Vince (from Vince_MacNeil)

2 replies

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Create Date: Feb 4 2013 8:13PM

Hey Vince

I am sorry I don't understand the question. If you have the VLANs on each stack and all of the VLANs are tagged across the link between the two stacks then the switch will use the FDB to send the packets to the other side.

If it is Layer 3 then the users Default Gateway should be set to the be the IP address on each VLAN that the 460s are routing for. On the 670 add the default gateway to also be the 460 using the command config ipr add default [i]

Does that help?

P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Feb 5 2013 5:50PM

I have a similar question asked in another thread "Adding a 24 port switch to a stack via copper?" When i place my voice vlan tagged on the port connecting my 24 port back to the core I lose coneectivity to it. I assume I need a static route added to the 24 port but then where should my dhcp relay be poining on my voice vlan? (from telecotek)