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Connectivity to Seprema Biostar readers dosent work on Extreme Switches

  • 17 March 2019
  • 1 reply

Hi, we recetly changed our infrastructure to extreme, thou we have a problem with our attendance card readers, we own Suprema Biostations and when we try to connect them to the Summits x450 that we own the rader dosent set up a link and there is nothing in the event log, on our older cisco switches they work no problem. We tried to connect them to the summit managment port and they do form a link but on the switch port it dosent. Are there opions we should set up for it to work on the Summits?

1 reply

Do they work on 10Mbit HD? X450-G2 do not support HD, you may check on your cisco switches what they need.
Recently I had to find out that one type of device even does not work on auto negotiation on extreme, so it had to be set manually.
Pleas try if you get a connection with the command
configure port #port# auto off speed 10 duplex full
Replace #port# with the port-number where the reader is connected. You may try "speed 100" too.
If it works you either might risk some collisions or use a HD/FD converter.
With our 10Mbit HD-devices I dont get any collisions at all while using thia command.