Copy firmware to newly added member

  • 20 May 2020
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I manage several school district networks.  I have some x460’s being added to existing stacks in the very near future.  Surly, the firmware will not be the same.  I seem to remember a command/process to stack the new member into the stack, then copy over the running firmware to the new member, then include it into the stacking group.  I can’t remember the command.  Or did I dream this….


3 replies

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I believe sync slot is the command you are looking for.

I was so happy when that became an option.

Nice.  Thank you.  I have guys slapping in switches that are not the same firmware and I’m 600 miles away….


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Are those G2-Switches? With 22.6 came the “automatic stacking” feature. If the existing stack is running at least Firmware it should be enough to connect the new switch (stacking-support needs to be enabled) to the stack and everything else (like firmware-upgrade) should happen automatic.

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