CORE license on X460 - Missing Voucher

Hello Experts,

We have bought two extreme X460-48t for a customer project, We need to activate the core license but we have a problem, we lost the voucher to perform the activation via extreme portal is there any procedure to get a new voucher or ask directly to extreme for a license?,

Thank you very much in advance,

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Hi, Miguel!

I think right desicion will be to ask your local Distributor (if you are Reseller), or company which sold this voucher for you.

Thank you!

Try "debug epm enable trial" or "debug epm enable-trial" 30 days...
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I agree with AlexandrP. You can contact the re-seller to see if they have the voucher handy. The trial-license command will work as a temporary solution. Although it is not ideal for a production network and in order to clear it a reboot is needed.
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Hi Miguel,

The exact command to enable trial license is "debug epm enable trial-license"

This will enable all functionality on the switches for up to 30 days.

Do you have a Purchase order with us , I could check internally, if not you need to check with your reseller/distributor.



Contacting your distributor who you purchased the vouchers through would be the first step as AlexandrP stated.

If you have issues there, please contact Extreme GTAC. If you do not have the exact PO number the voucher was purchased on, but know of a serial number for another item purchased on that same PO, please provide that information when you open the case. This can be used to locate the vouchers purchased at the same time.

How to contact GTAC: