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  • 24 March 2016
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Hi ! Im running XOS 15.3 and are trying to rewrite packets out on a vmanwith specific qos profile. And I can't get it to work. The packets comes in with no dot1p bit set and I want to enforce on egress for this specific vman type 5 on QP6. The vman is configured with Qo6 Below is the configuration configure ports 1:15 qosprofile qp6 configure ports 1:16 qosprofile qp6 configure ports 1:44 qosprofile qp6 create qosprofile "QP6" configure dot1p type 5 qosprofile QP6 configure vman "XY" qosprofile QP6 The next switch in the chain see NO packet with QP6 set at all. ( both extreme switches) What have I misunderstood ?

2 replies

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you are not doing rewriting, so that can't work.

enable dot1p replacement port x (x is the ingress port)

on egress the dot1p will be set according to the qosprofile associated on port x (as you are doing source port traffic grouping as I understand your example). Of course, the frame must be tagged on exit.
Ok I will try that. Can I do it per vman on egress? Or will it be per wman on since I have that configured already?