create a 801.1q trunk on the fiber to connect the two switches

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to setup a vlan between a pair of summit 200/48's. So far I've got the vlan configured on both ends, I've configured the ports on both ends, and I'm stuck on creating a 801.1q trunk.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Hello tourless. You need to configure the VLANs with a tag using the command configuration tag . Then add your up link port to each VLAN as a tagged port using the command configuration add port tagged. Let me know if you need more help? P
Hi Paul, and thanks for the reply. I previously created the vlan and added a port as follows...
create vlan 3
config 3 tag 3
config 3 add port 12 tagged
config 3 ipaddress

I did the same on both switches.

Not sure if it matters but I probably mention this is for voice traffic... I'm trying to dedicate one port on each switch for a direct dial phone line that is being used as a fax.
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Hey Tourless it doesn't matter for VOIP so it looks great are there any other questions? P
I'm not getting a dial tone through it... do I have to set static IP's on the ports on each end? such as and respectively?
I don't think it's VOIP... I think it's an analog line brought in from our cable provider... if that matters.
well I just confirmed with my provided that from the jack on the modem to the phone it is converted to analog so I don't think this is going to work.