create mirror port on X450a-48t

I am trying to mirror a port on a X450a-48t so that I can monitor with Wireshark. I am running "ExtremeXOS version". When I try to create the mirror port I get the following message.

* US-WICHITA-APG-SW1.3 # create mirror wireshark to port 17
%% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Is this command supported in the version I am running?+

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Hi Dave,
create mirror
command didn't become available until a later EXOS release. You should be able to use the
enable mirroring
command though (described here).

I'd recommend an upgrade if possible, as EXOS 12.0 is quite old. If you are able to get upgraded to 15.3.x (the last supported set of releases for the X450a product line) you can use the instructions in this article:
How To Enable And Configure Mirroring In EXOS
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The "create mirror" command was introduced in EXOS 15.3. By default the DefaultMirror instance is created and disabled. The following commands can be ran to configure the DefaultMirror.

configure mirror DefaultMirror to port 17
configure mirror DefaultMirror add [vlan | port {ingress | egress | ingress-and-egress}
enable mirror DefaultMirror

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Hi Dave,
Were you able to get this working?