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Current stable iOS for switches ?

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We have black diamond and 400 series switches all running on 12.5. 4.5 What is the current stable iOS. What versions should I start upgrading to from to reach latest one.

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You can look at the following ink for the recommended EXOS versions per platform

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You also want to check out if your devices does not already reached end-of-life.
In that case you won't be able to upgrade.
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You should not need any intermediate EXOS version from 12.5 to the recommended release.

However, I would recommend you to read the EXOS User Guide and Release Notes for more detailed information.

You can download both documents using the links below:

http://www.extremenetworks.com/support/documentation/ http://www.extremenetworks.com/support/release-notes/
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Thanks All for sharing Info

Currently we have BlackDiamond switches running on 12.5. 4.5

We have X460 switches (stack) running on, stable release as per above shared docs for 460 is

Can I directly upgrade to ?