Have several VLANs setup on a Extrem 460g2 switch. Enabled DHCP relay agent on the switch for the following VLANs. Have a Windows 2012 server that I want to use as my DHCP server. Installed and enabled DHCP relay agent on the server. Created scopes, but can only get computers which are on the same VLAN.

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Ok can you provide vlan config. DHCP relay configs. You can run ethereal and tcpdump to troubleshoot the problem.
my DHCP_Server is subnet i get the IP- address) (not getting IP address)

configure vlan CRI_BARCOD add ports 6, 29-30 tagged
configure vlan CRIPUMPS add ports 18-19 tagged
configure vlan Default add ports 1-14, 18-20, 25, 31, 33-34 untagged
configure vlan EXPORT add ports 6, 12 tagged
configure vlan EXPORT add ports 17 untagged
configure vlan EXTREME-WIFI add ports 1-2, 5-9, 11-13, 15, 20-21, 29-30 tagge
configure vlan Gust_Wifi add ports 6, 21, 29-30 tagged
configure vlan Gust_Wifi add ports 23 untagged

configure vlan EXTREME-WIFI ipaddress
enable ipforwarding vlan EXTREME-WIFI

configure vlan CRI_BARCOD ipaddress
enable ipforwarding vlan CRI_BARCOD

configure bootprelay add vr VR-Default
enable bootprelay ipv4 vlan CRI_BARCOD
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enable bootprelay vlan EXPORT
enable bootprelay vlan Gust_wifi.
Add the above commands and it will work.
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Here is the sample tested config:


DHCP server( in vlan 20)

create vlan test
configure vlan test tag 10
configure vlan test add port 10 tagged
configure vlan test ipaddress

create vlan client
configure vlan client tag 20
configure vlan client add port 20 untagged //clients are connected to the this port
configure vlan client ipaddress

enable ipforwarding

configure bootprelaay add vr vr-defailult
enable bootprelay test
enable bootprealy client

show bootprelay----------------Command will help in troubleshooting .
Thankyou Chinnaya it working now