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DHCP Snooping and DHCP Relay

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jun 21 2013 10:59AM


I want to implement DHCP snooping.

My network topology is quite simple, core switch with multiple edge switches.

I am already using bootprelay on the core switch to forward dhcp request from several vlans to the one with the dhcp server.

i would now like to enable dhcp-snooping to prevent unauthorized dhcp servers appearing on the network.

i enabled dhcp snooping for one vlan but it quickly blocked the edge switch because of the bootp relay requests.

can i just add the core switch as a trusted dhcp server as well as the actual dhcp server, or should i be looking at trusting the uplink port on the edge switch. I think trusting the uplink port would be silly though because i am effectively (on that switch) trusting dhcp servers on any other switch .

Please correct me if i'm wrong, i would like to hear your suggestions

(from Conrad_Jones)

1 reply

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Create Date: Jun 22 2013 12:45PM

adding the core switch (the dhcp relay) as a trusted dhcp server worked. (from Conrad_Jones)