DHCP snooping log message

Hi Experts,

I have an extreme switch running v15.1, there is an log message printed out, may I know what does the message mean?

10/23/2016 01:21:05.83 [i] exosDhcpSnoop registered exosDhcpSnoop device (0)

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Hello, can anyone answer my question? We didn't see this log before and worry about whether it is a critical alarm to our network.

Thanks for help
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Hello John,

I do not know what the message means exactly, but it seems to be reporting a normal operating condition.

The log level of Info tells us that the message is for informational purposes. This kind of message might be expected if DHCP snooping is used. You can use show configuration "ipSecurity" and the commands starting with show ip-security dhcp-snooping to check the relevant switch settings.

You can check the log settings using e.g. show configuration "ems" and show log components "ipSecur".

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Hello John, that's an information log as already said by Erik. Please see below the info based on EMS doc:


The EXOS kernel logged a message of severity 'Info'.

No action required - Information message only.


If I'm not wrong, the "Kern.Info" is not a default log event. I guess that you can remove that from DefaultFilter log to avoid that situation.

You can confirm that configuration with show configuration ems command and remove it from the log filter (if you want to) using the command configure log filter "DefaultFilter" delete events "kern.info".