Disable the asterisk (*) and command counter

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Hi everybody!

Can I disable the asterisk symbol before command prompt? And can I disable the command counter in this prompt?

We'd like to automate some things with SecureCRT and we have troubles with "WaitForString" operator.

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The * is for a configuration change
just do a save config
It even notes it if you type a command that is already active
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The command counter is default and cannot be changed from what I have understood
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Thank you.
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I just ran the following script after selecting "start recording script" and pasting in the following commands

configure snmp sysContact "Jason-Parker"
configure sys-health-check all level strict
configure sys-recovery-level switch reset
configure snmp sysName "Extreme-x150"
configure snmp sysLocation "Jason's-Lab"

Screen capture

* Extreme-x150.5 # configure snmp sysContact "Jason-Parker"
* Extreme-x150.5 # configure sys-health-check all level strict
* Extreme-x150.6 # configure sys-recovery-level switch reset
* Extreme-x150.7 # configure snmp sysName "Extreme-x150"
* Extreme-x150.8 # configure snmp sysLocation "Jason's-Lab"

Let us know if you need any help
Jason Parker