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DNS Resolution in Traceroute?

Is there no way to get name resolution in a traceroute?

I configure switches with...

configure dns-client add name-server vr VR-Default
configure dns-client add domain-suffix

And yet I still get...

traceroute to, 30 hops max
1 0 ms 1 ms 5 ms
2 0 ms 0 ms 0 ms
3 0 ms 0 ms 5 ms
4 6 ms 6 ms 7 ms

Am I missing something easy here?

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Hi Jason,

As far as I know there is no way to get name resolution for the hops in the taceroute.

DNS configuration will help to traceroute a host name instead of an IP as follows:

traceroute www.extremenetworks.com

However the hops will be still listed as IP.