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Do I still need an external router to route between different VR , as teh extreme switch has one mac

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I have a customer who needs to route between virtual routers , normally I would do this , with some sort of extrenal routing box ( firewall or router )
I now have a customer who wants to do this on teh switch , I thought this was not possible as teh extreme switch has only one mac. I am about to upgrade to , if that is any help.

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Maybe this will help you:

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Hi Rod, you can accomplish that using static routing.

Please see the article below:

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OK like the gtac knowledge , though to be honest dont like static routes.. if there are multiple networks within the vr's , then there will need to be a static route between each and every network both directions.. that's assuming that the networks within the vr are not contiguous .. ( within a /8 /16 address range )
So we come back to an external router , with basically a routing protocol.. OSPF area and various other area's to match the Vr's
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Yes, current the inter VR is pretty limited. I have raised aGTAC feature request to allow user-VRs to do static routing tracking (e.g. flow-redirect) which will be beneficial if you are dealing with different ISPs.