Does the X460-G2-48X support VLAN segregation?

Hello, I'm a Juniper expert but have this customer that wants an X460-G2-48X and he wants to know if it can do VLAN segregation. While checking I stumbled on your thread. Kindly advice. Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: X460-G2-48X "Error while loading Ports: Speed Change is not allowed".

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Hi Olusegun,

The X460-G2 does support VLANs. You can create a new VLAN with the command 'create vlan tag '.

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Welcome to Extreme. While your learning EXOS you can use our GTAC Knowledge, I think you will find it very helpful. But if you cant find what your looking for just ask your question on this forum (as you did), and our community will answer it for you. We might even create a new article if it's something not covered in our GTAC knowledge!

Here is a example of a article on creating a VLAN in EXOS:

Adding ports to VLANs:

Enable inter VLAN routing in EXOS:

Hopes this helps, and welcome!