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Does X460-G2 need special config for snmp access?

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We have a new building with one X460-G2 as core switch/router and many X440-G2 as edge switches. We started configuring and adding them to XMC. But X460-G2 does not come up in XMC. It does not respond to snmpwalk command also. We configure X440-G2's same way:

ARHAVI-NIZAMIYE-X460-G2-24X.1 # show configuration snmp
# Module snmpMaster configuration.
configure snmpv3 delete community "public"
configure snmpv3 add community "xxxxx" name "xxxxx" user "vlv2c_rw"

ARHAVI-NIZAMIYE-X460-G2-24X.3 # show management
CLI idle timeout : Enabled (20 minutes)
CLI max number of login attempts : 3
CLI max number of sessions : 8
CLI paging : Enabled (this session only)
CLI space-completion : Disabled (this session only)
CLI configuration logging : Disabled
CLI password prompting only : Disabled
CLI RADIUS cmd authorize tokens : 2
CLI scripting : Disabled (this session only)
CLI scripting error mode : Ignore-Error (this session only)
CLI persistent mode : Persistent (this session only)
CLI prompting : Enabled (this session only)
CLI screen size : 60 Lines 193 Columns (this session only)
CLI refresh : Enabled
Telnet access : Enabled (tcp port 23 vr all)
: Access Profile : not set
SSH Access : ssh module not loaded.
SSH2 idle time : none
Web access : Enabled (tcp port 80)
: Access Profile : not set
Total Read Only Communities : 0
Total Read Write Communities : 1
RMON : Disabled
SNMP access : Enabled
: Access Profile : not set
SNMP Compatibility Options :
GETBULK Reply Too Big Action : Too Big Error
IP Fragmentation : Disallow
SNMP Notifications : Enabled
SNMP Notification Receivers : None
SNMP stats: InPkts 1329 OutPkts 0 Errors 0 AuthErrors 2658
Gets 1055 GetNexts 264 Sets 0 Drops 0
SNMP traps: Sent 0 AuthTraps Enabled
SNMP inform: Sent 0 Retries 0 Failed 0

Image version from factory is

What should be wrong? Is there anything we are missing?



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Hello Rahman,

Please check snmp settings as XMC could not authenticate - "AuthErrors 2658".

Best Regards,
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Necheporenko, Nikolay wrote:

Hello Rahman,

Please check snmp settings as XMC could not authenticate - "AuthErrors 2658".

Best Regards,

Hello Nikolay,

You are right, there was a typo hard to see with eyes 🙂 It was "vlv2c_rw" instead of "v1v2c_rw" (letter L instead of numeric 1).

Thank you,