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I am totally new to extreme.

I am configuring Qos based on dot1p. I configured the dot1p and QP mapping. But the switch cannot detect any CoS 802.1 value at all . all traffic go to qp1. is there anything I have to do other than maping this cos to qp

X440-48p-10G.420 # sho dot1p 802.1p Priority Value QOS Profile
0 QP1
1 QP2
2 QP3
3 QP4
4 QP5
5 QP6
6 QP7
7 QP8

But when I configure port based Qos everything is going fine
Below example for traffic from port configured as QP6

Port QP1 QP2 QP3 QP4 QP5 QP6 QP7 QP8 Pkt Pkt Pkt Pkt Pkt Pkt Pkt Pkt
Xmts Xmts Xmts Xmts Xmts Xmts Xmts Xmts
2 1178 0 0 0 0 336 0 0

even if I make all 802.1p mapped to qp5 the switch cannot see anything

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There are a couple different ways of configuration as you have found. Are the ports that you have configured tagged or untagged? Only tagged ports are configured to support .1p - If you are using untagged ports the easiest way to configure the vlan that was is to shave the whole vlan.. "configure vlan qosprofile - This will take all packets per that vlan to the Qosprofile -

Let me know if the ports are tagged..??

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I agree completely with Bill if your not tagging the 802.1p will not work anyway, there are a lot of ways to implement QoS, vlan based is probably the easiest to implement,

for example
configure vlan "voice" qosprofile qp6

I try to use DSCP where possible as phones usually mark the DSCP. from experimentation I found If compeating QoS Mechanisms are configured the Pecking order is

Access List QoS


VLAN Based Assignment


Testing completed 22nd May 2014

My other discovery was that even with ALL methods disabled the switch then honours 802.1p markings.
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Thank you all,

You are write I was not tagging the ports. anyway it seemed more complicated as the voice packet of REDcom the PBX my client use, doesn't support dot1p.

So I've did a different setup based on your advice. I configured the whole vlan or the ports as qp7 and the ports with dot1p replacement and then in core switch I did the dot1p examination on tagged port (as you advised).

Now it is working fine and can control the traffic throughout the link based on its dot1p value. am I right?