Downloading to SwitchError: Failed to download image - tftp: timeout

Hello, Good morning.

If I have connectivity between the switch and tftp server(tftp32), why I get that message? what Im doing wrong?

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i understand you can ping the switch from the server.
could you see request coming to switch.
Sometimes it turns out to be a tftp server problem.
Two TFTP severs in the same machine cause conflict and doesnt work.
Can you try from a different machine.
can you provide access?
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instead of downloading an image to the switch.
could you check if you can backup the config via TFTP.
this can help in isolating problem.
Also whats the model number of switch and exos version ur loading.
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don't forget to specify the default-VR if you're not using the Mgmt VR.

download image x.x.x.x vr vr-default
Thank you I will try that 🙂
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Tftp put/get command to backup config.
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First of all - you have to see ping between switch and tftp-server.
Also you can try to upgrade image through BootRom.
1) Go to BootRom
2) Connect PC with working TFTP-server to management port :
configip ipaddress [i] gateway [i]
{NOTE: gateway ipaddress is TFTP server}
3) Input: showip (or ping PC)
4) Input in CLI: download image [i]
{NOTE: ipaddress - TFTP server; filename - XOS image}
5) Apply to default reset.

In this case you'l see - is tftp-server working fine.

Or other case try to reopen tftpd32.

Thank you!
About your questions.

Yes, I can ping from the switch to the server.

I cant save my config file to the server neither, it said:
"Uploading test.cfg to ... failed!
Error: Network is unreachable"

Switch model X440-48p and the exos version that Im trying to download is summitX-

Thank you for your time!
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connect a pc directly to the mgmt port and check if it works.
no it doesnt
Also checking the messages in the tftp packets exchanged between the switch and the server can be very useful to help you find the problem, you can use a software like Wireshark or similar to do this...
Also, my tftp server didnt receive the request from the switch.
I just used Windows tftp client (on the same laptop) to get a file from the tftp server and it works
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could you try restarting tftpd process in the switch.
restart process tftpd

could you try restarting tftpd process in the switch.
restart process tftpd

Doesnt work 😞
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Which command you use to download image?

Thank you!
X440-48p.22 # download image summitX- "VR-Mgmt"
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#show vlan
#ping vr "VR-Mgmt"

what exacly message you have after
# download image summitX- "VR-Mgmt"
Alexandr P wrote:

#show vlan
#ping vr "VR-Mgmt"

what exacly message you have after
# download image summitX- "VR-Mgmt"

X440-48p.25 # show vlan---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name VID Protocol Addr Flags Proto Ports Virtual
Active router
Default 1 --------------------------------T--------------- ANY 0 /48 VR-Default
Mgmt 4095 /24 ---------------------------- ANY 1 /1 VR-Mgmt
Flags : (B) BFD Enabled, (c) 802.1ad customer VLAN, (C) EAPS Control VLAN,
(d) Dynamically created VLAN, (D) VLAN Admin Disabled,
(e) CES Configured, (E) ESRP Enabled, (f) IP Forwarding Enabled,
(F) Learning Disabled, (i) ISIS Enabled, (I) Inter-Switch Connection VLAN for MLAG,
(k) PTP Configured, (l) MPLS Enabled, (L) Loopback Enabled,
(m) IPmc Forwarding Enabled, (M) Translation Member VLAN or Subscriber VLAN,
(n) IP Multinetting Enabled, (N) Network Login VLAN, (o) OSPF Enabled,
(O) Flooding Disabled, (p) PIM Enabled, (P) EAPS protected VLAN,
(r) RIP Enabled, (R) Sub-VLAN IP Range Configured,
(s) Sub-VLAN, (S) Super-VLAN, (t) Translation VLAN or Network VLAN,
(T) Member of STP Domain, (v) VRRP Enabled, (V) VPLS Enabled, (W) VPWS Enabled,
(Z) OpenFlow Enabled

Total number of VLAN(s) : 2


* X440-48p.27 # ping vr "VR-Mgmt"
Ping(ICMP) 4 packets, 8 data bytes, interval 1 second(s).
16 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=128 time=0.733 ms
16 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=128 time=9.516 ms
16 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=128 time=9.407 ms
16 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=128 time=10 ms

--- ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received, 0% loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 0/7/10 ms


X440-48p.28 # download image summitX- "VR-Mgmt"Note: The inactive partition (secondary) will be used for installation.
Do you want to install image after downloading? (y - yes, n - no, - cancel) Yes

Downloading to SwitchError: Failed to download image - tftp: timeout
I made a new config, for management port:

configure vlan Mgmt ipaddress
configure iproute add default vr VR-Mgmt

and now I can ping from the server but not backwards. In fact I cant ping to nor from the switch.
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1. Can you try to use another PC with tftp-server?
2. Can you try to download image through VR-Default?
3. Can you try to upgrade image through BootRom?
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You mentioned that you're using Windows. Is the windows firewall causing these problems? You may want to turn it off temporarily if you haven't tried that already.
Can I configure XOS to have a VR that it always uses when TFTP downloading images, so that when I have Netsight tell it to download an image it knows to use, for example, VR-Mgmt?
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Custom VRs are only allowed in certain Extreme Switches (you would have to check the manuals, but I think it is the high end only (x460, x670, BDs etc...) If you are using netsight to download images I would recommend using the scripts that are provided. In Inventory manager you select the MIB override method (right click) and select script. Then you select the script that you need for your switch, (SCP or TFTP , VR-Default or VR-Mgmt)
Downloading to SwitchError: Failed to download image - tftp: sendto: Network is unreachable

Getting this error and I have connectivity between the x440 and tftp server. Can anyone help?