Dual-Hash Recursion Level value set to 100

In what might be a long thread about our multi-casting situation....my first question is when I do sho for con why does our value show 100 when the only configurable options are 0-3?

sh for con

L2 and L3 Forwarding table hash algorithm:
Configured hash algorithm: crc32
Current hash algorithm: crc32

L3 Dual-Hash configuration: (Applies to X460, X480, X650 and X670 only)
Configured setting: on
Current setting: on
Dual-Hash Recursion Level: 100

Hash criteria for IP unicast traffic for L2 load sharing and ECMP route sharing
Sharing criteria: L3_L4

IP multicast:
Group Table Compression: on

External lookup tables:
Configured Setting: l2-and-l3
Current Setting: l2-and-l3

Switch Settings:
Switching mode: store-and-forward

# configure forwarding hash-recursion-level
Set maximum number of L3 hash buckets to modify to make room for new entry. (0-3, default 1)

Using X450a-24x (Stack) w/XOS

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I think because the X450a does not support dual hash.
(Applies to X460, X480, X650 and X670 only)

So the number shown there is not important as it is not supported at all on that platform.