dwdm optics support


Can anyone share their experience using DWDM optics (1g and 10g) in Summit x480 and x460 series? Is it supported with DDM?

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I have experience using 1Gig CWDM optics and it works. Now I wanted to tryout 1G and 10G DWDM optics.
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DDM have to be supported in transceiver.
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We use it and it works just fine
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I've done a bit of testing with fixed-wavelength DWDM SFP+ optics in X670V and X670-G2 with no problems at all. All of the ones I tested supported DDMI.
I also did some brief testing with those optics in the X460, with no trouble. I haven't tested the XFPs in X480, so I can't comment on that.

Thank you all.