Dynamic VLANS and STP


¿How can I manage dynamic vlans with STPD? We have X450-G2

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How are you doing dynamic vlan's. Netlogin, policy, script?
Hello Stephen

I'm using netlogin with mac authentication and radius.
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In EXOS 22.2 and newer the STP auto bind feature now supports dynamic vlan assignment when using netlogin VSA's for vlan assignment. It does not support dynamically created VLANs created by MVRP.

Configure Netlogin:

Configure STP:
Hello Stephen

Step 7 from procedure (Configure STP): Assign the VLAN to the MSTI.

The only VLAN created manually is the one for Netlogin. The others are dynamic VLANs. I suppose Netlogin VLAN is used in the STP configuration. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance
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How are the VLANs being created? We support stp with dynamic vlan assignment, not dynamic vlan creation.
Hello Stephen

This is our confguration:

- Netlogin VLAN: create vlan nt_login

-Config for allowing switch to connect network:

* create vlan net tag 20
* configure net ipaddress xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
* configure vlan net add ports 45 untagged (This is uplink port to core)

- Dynamic VLAN config for netlogin VSA

* configure netlogin dynamic-vlan uplink-ports 45
* configure netlogin dynamic-vlan enable

Thanks in advance
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The way I usually build spanning tree is have one vlan on the edge ports tagged and set it up for spanning tree, that way it doesn't matter which vlan is assigned to the ports dynamically, the spanning tree config stays static.
Finally we have configured MSTP with S0 domain and all VLANs and ports have been included.

configure stpd s0 mode mstp cist
enable s0 auto-bind vlan 1-4094
configure s0 ports auto-edge on 1-X

A loop was created manually and was managed by the switch