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Create Date: May 25 2012 6:57AM


I need some help with errorr messages that I am receiving on EAPS Master. Is this messages reporting that there is a problem with EAPS ring or just informational.
Master is runnig

Eaps ring is configured between one Edge (Master) connected to two core switches (Partner and Controller).

Log file is getting filled in with messages:

05/25/2012 01:32:32.86 Info:EAPS.RxPduLinkUp EAPSD e-1 - Received Link-Up-Pdu (MAC = 00:04:96:1E:A4:80)
05/25/2012 01:32:32.24 Info:EAPS.RxPduLinkDown EAPSD e-1 - Received Link-Down-Pdu (MAC = 00:04:96:1E:A4:80)

I ran debug eaps check config on all three switches and there is no error messages.

Thank you for the help. (from denis_sto)

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Create Date: May 26 2012 9:28AM

You should not get these messages if the ring is up and working correctly. I see that you are running an old version of XOS i suggest that you upgrade to a newer one. I think we ran into something like this when we had a similar version some years ago. (from Rickard_Sellstedt)
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Create Date: May 29 2012 6:45AM

Thank you for the update. We will schedule firmware upgrade on the master.
Thanks. (from denis_sto)
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Create Date: May 31 2012 3:20AM

Extreme suggests that you run the same software release on all the devices in an EAPS-ring. But i've never experienced any particular probelms when running different, but it's probably best to go with the recommendation. (from Rickard_Sellstedt)