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  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Nov 29 2012 6:33PM

If some one has come across this please help us.

Everytime I add a new VLAN to my EAPS ring it loops. Then i have to struggle to get it working. I delete ports in the new VLAN, add them again and it works. This happens only on my older version of code switches ( When i do this on 12.6.2 there are no issues whatsoever.

I have done this atleast 50 times and I am really good with EAPS configuration. There are no configuration issues (debug eaps check config passes tooo).

This is the order I follow to add vlan to an existing eaps ring,

1) Create new vlan
2) add eaps ports as tagged
3) add VLAN as a protected VLAN to EAPS domain

Now, when i am at STEP 3 : the switch throws a warning that eaps ports do no exist on those vlans which makes me think that older version of code does not like the fact that you added the eaps ports to the VLAN first before adding the vlan as a protected vlan in the EAPS domain. It simply disregards your vlan port changes but then if it really does than it should not loop in first place.

Anyone running into similar issues?

Any input would be really helpful as I have to add some more VLANs to the production network soon.
(from Arpit_Bhatt)

3 replies

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Create Date: Dec 4 2012 8:38PM

Steps 2 and 3 should be reversed. You're creating a loop on the VLAN via the ports carrying the EAPS ring before telling EAPS to protect the VLAN. Add the VLAN as protected in the ring first and you'll be fine. You may get a warning, which is totally okay. This is how I add VLANs to existing rings day to day and it works fine. (from Ansley_Barnes)
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Create Date: Dec 4 2012 11:35PM

I agree with Ansleybarnes also it is a good practice if you don't already do so to add the VLAN protected on the master first. That way it will be blocked no matter what you do on the transit.

p (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Dec 6 2012 3:37AM

Just some correction there. Basically i disable the secondary port on the master before adding those ports to the VLAN so yes i do not LOOP first.

The process works on 12.6 but I verfied with Norbert (SE) too that the steps ned to be reversed. I am going to add some more VLANs next week and I will report to you how it goes.

Thanks for your help guys. (from Arpit_Bhatt)