EAPS or ERPS? Differences?

Hi Extreme Community

We made some great experience with EAPS in the past.
Actually i am building up a new Extreme-Ring. In the last Extreme-Course i did, i heard about ERPS.
What are the benefits of using ERPS instead of EAPS in a Extreme-Ring? Is it only the compatibility and standardization of ERPS? Or should i buld a new Ring generally with ERPS instead of EAPS?

I looked at the EXOS_Concepts_Guide but i didn't find any comparison between EAPS and ERPS.

Will be glad if anybode have a clue.

Thanks in advance and kind regards


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Good morning Fed There are a few differences that may make ERPS a better solution. First as you mentioned is compatibility with other vendors. Second is that ERPS allows for more design options. For example you can have a common link with multiple switches in the middle versus a direct point to point connection. third it allows for the user to set the ring in a broken state for maintenance and then recover the ring manually. I will see if there are any other differences and will post a little later. Thanks P