EAPS Shared port issue in Extreme-X460

We are keep on getting this below error in Summit X460 switch :

06/28/2017 15:58:05.48 [i] EAPS Shared-port 29 - Neighbor reachable.
06/28/2017 15:58:05.09 [i] EAPS Shared-port 29 - Neighbor reachable.
06/28/2017 15:58:04.47 EAPS Shared-port 29 - Neighbors Modes must be different. Common links must have unique Link-IDs. Please check the configuration.

We are using Summit X460-24t and which is running on ExtremeXOS version v1531b4-patch1-14.

We have tried searching in GTAC knowledge but no luck and please suggest me the solution for this above error message.!!

Thanks in Advance.!!!

Boopathy Chandrasekar

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You might have configured the same shared-port modes on both ends of the link. One has to be controller and the opposite end partner ,While the link ID must be identical on the link peers