Enabled and Effective license in stacking


I have 2 extreme switches stacked ( in a live network ) and following is o/p of "sh license "

# sho licenses
Enabled License Level:
Enabled Feature Packs:
Effective License Level:
Advanced Edge

As of what I understand ; stack is operating at "advanced edge".
Now I need to add 3rd switch to this stack in a maintenance window . Following are my queries :

1) If 3rd switch has "advanced edge" license then there will be no issue and it can directly be added to stack . CORRECT ??
2) In case 3rd switch has "core" license ; then we need to :
configure stacking {node-address slot 3 license-level advance-edge

Can someone please confirm the same ?

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The license level matters only on master-capable nodes in a stack. If the 3rd node to be added is configured as master-capable, the answers are yes for both.
yes . we will need all switches as master-capable . Hence we will configure slot 1 as priority 15 , slot 2 as priority 14 and slot 3 as priority 13.