ERPS 4 rings? - Edge License

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Hello, all!

Stack of 2 switches X440.
License Edge.
Trying to create few ERPS rings.
With this license I can create 4 rings (4 max rings with matching ring ports).

I have 2 rings:
Slot-1 x440-24t-Stack1.15 # sh erps ERPS Enabled: No

ERPS Display Config Warnings: On

ERPS Multicast Add Ring Ports: Off

ERPS Multicast Send IGMP and MLD Query: On

ERPS Multicast Temporary Flooding: Off

ERPS Multicast Temporary Flooding Duration: 15 sec

Number of ERPS instances: 2

# ERPS ring configuration :


Ring State Type East West Control-Vlan VID


ring1 Disabled R r 1:21 +2:21 z_ring1_ctrl (4091)

ring2 Disabled I -- -- z_ring2_ctrl (4092)


But when I try to add ring-port to ring2 I receive error:
Slot-1 x440-24t-Stack1.11 # configure erps ring2 ring-port east 1:22 Error: Current switch license level does not allow to configure the use of more than two ring ports

Configuration failed on backup Node, command execution aborted!

Is it because ring2 is sub-ring?

Can you, please, explaine me Edge restriction about 4 rings?

Is it mean that phrase "4 max rings with matching ring ports" mean that I can create max 4 rings but ring-ports have to be the same?

Thank you!

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Hi Alexandr!

The restriction for "Edge License level" means that all four ERPS domains should share same ring ports.
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Thank you , Nikolay!
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Adding a GTAC article:
How many ERPS domains are supported in EXOS?
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How many ring-ports we can create with AdvEdge and with Core license?

Thank you!
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Hi, you can create up to 32 domains with different ring ports for Advanced Edge/Core Licenses.
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Thank you!
If I don't wrong there was limitation in earlier EXOS version?
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I saw same behavior for Advanced Edge in a EXOS switch with 15.3.x and 16.x versions.

Didn't get any license error after creating 32 ERPS domains with 32 different east ports.
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Thank you all for help!!!