Does anyone knows what's causing this error?

02/20/2014 09:52:25.00 Slot-2: IPmc sender entry s,G,v=a6403fd,e0000005,2972 IPMC 10 was not added to all switching resources rc -4
02/20/2014 09:52:09.37 Slot-1: IPmc sender entry s,G,v=ac9697c,e0000012,1181 IPMC 4 was not added to all switching resources rc -4


Anders S

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Hi Anders,

The messages you are seeing are referencing to the multicast forwarding tables on the switch. The switch has both a hardware and software forwarding table. These messages are received when there is a possible mismatch between the hardware and software tables. Not all these messages are indicating a genuine problem.

Hence, I would suggest you to follow up with TAC to have this investigated in a bit more detail.