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Error: ACL install operation failed - slice hardware full for vlan *

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Create Date: Jun 5 2013 7:20AM

When i apply some ACL to interface it display this error condition, how to reset this status. (from Hsu_LiPing)

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Create Date: Jun 5 2013 6:04PM


what model do you have ?

Please check for 24 port : sh access-list usage acl-slice port 1
48 port : "sh access-list usage acl-slice port 1" and "sh access-list usage acl-slice port 25"

It seems you don't have enough slices free to apply this ACL

The question is what ACL you have now and what do you want to add ?


Jarek (from Jaroslaw_Kasjaniuk)
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Create Date: Jun 6 2013 11:16AM

Hey Helpme

if you look int he release notes of the version of recode you are using you can see how many slices each type of switch. Each time you change the compare statements in the ACL you use a slice. For example you have an ACL where you look at MAC address then another statement where you look at ipaddress those would be two different slices.

looking at the ACLs would help show if there is a way to redo the ACLs.

p (from Paul_Russo)
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show access-list configuration
the above command will show if acl is in dedicated or shared mode.
Change the mode and reboot the switch to apply the acl again.

configure access-list vlan-acl-precedence mode shared.

Now you should be able to apply the acl.
If you still receive the same error then we might have to look into acl slice and try to re-align rules to
have space.