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EXOS 21.1.3: user key authentication (PKI) failes

Having set user-key authentication according to the EXOS user guide I'm not able to do a password-less login.
I have copied my public key from my PC via:
$ scp manager.id-rsa-1024.pub manager@
I can see the user-key is loaded and assigned to the user:
# show sshd2 user-key  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  #   Key name         Subject           Comment  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  1   id-rsa-1024                                                                 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  # is the number of users bound to the key    # show sshd2 user-key "id-rsa-1024" users  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  SSH Key Name                     Users  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  id-rsa-1024                      manager                           ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
[/code] The switch log shows:
12/12/2017 15:18:05.41 [i] Msg from Master : Failed to find a valid key for user manager (
[/code] What am I doing wrong?