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EXOS not responding to OID (extremeStackMemberTable)

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Hi all, I used to have all my access switch on and used this OID ( to get stacking information. After upgrading all switches to ver they stop responding to this OID. Anyone has experienced this behaviour? is this a bug?

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Hello, is this the only OID that is not working on stack or are you no longer able to pull any OID's from the stack at this point?
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Hi Brian I havent test any other OIDs, once I do ill let you know.
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This is a known issue in 22.3, and fixed in 22.4.1.

Unable to query objects in the extremeStackMemberTable and

22.3 release notes:
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See this article from our knowledge base

snmp-query for value "extremeStackMemberStackStatus" fails

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Thank you for letting me know, its my bad for not reading the software releases.